Meinrad Kneer

Meinrad Kneer Solo

“What there is, is quite a lot, actually almost everything. A big sack that I pull things out of, everything on the table: ... like air, rain, sun, cold, warmth ... eye to eye, not to be overlooked, ear to ear, not to be overheard. Not everything is in the range of the ear, there's a no man's land of perception, black holes, dark fields. But there is so much there ... and I try to comprehend, to grasp, to ustilize and to leave out, simply take what is there.“ Peter Kowald

Loosely based on the quote “What is there” by the well-known double bass player and improviser Peter Kowald (1944-2002), Meinrad Kneer improvises from the moment, without following up a previously defined plan.

The Berlin double bass player and operator of Evil Rabbit Records, Meinrad Kneer, presented his first solo recording with “Vocabularies”.
The title "Vocabularies" refers to Meinrad's understanding that every improviser works a lifetime to develop his or her own specific musical vocabulary that makes the player recognizable and unique in equal measure.