Baars/ Kneer/ Elgart @ SJU Jazzpodium, Utrecht (2010)

Baars/ Kneer/ Elgart

Ab Baars - tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi
Meinrad Kneer - double bass
Bill Elgart - drums

An intimate confrontation on sly musical improvisation levels. Together, they meander between form and abstraction, consensus and dissent, dissonance and echo, but the real power lies in the seemingly endless variations of timbre, which take place in their dialogues. Beautiful poetry!

"Baars, Kneer and Elgart won over the entirely filled church with perhaps the most intensely concentrated concert of these four days. Mightily beautiful. So beautiful even, that we didn’t want to interrupt its reverberating beauty with the performance of the next band, later in that same church."
(Guy Peters in about our performance at the 'Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen Festival 2012')